About the journal


"Theological Studies Bialystok Drohiczyn Lomza" is a theological journal undertaking theological matters. Established in 1983 from the initiative of both Bishop Edward Ozorowski and prof. Józef M. Dołęga, the priest to publish the scientific achievements of theologians of the Bialystok Metropolis. The magazine, being a yearbook, has been published continuously since 1983.

Currently, "Theological Studies Białystok Drohiczyn Łomża" remain open to the exchange of scientific ideas and cooperation with domestic and foreign university centres. The high substantive level of the magazine is evidenced by the presence in the Scientific Council of outstanding specialists, university scientists from European and North American countries. Annals as a scientific journal wants to meet the high standards of national and international scoring.

The thematic scope of published articles is very wide. They concern above all a man who is immersed in the world and at the same time open to God. The magazine wants to be a kind of "areopagus" on which various theological views clash. Invariably, it remains interested in such scientific disciplines as:

  1. philosophy, especially human philosophy and culture philosophy
  2. theology, including dogmatic, fundamental, moral, pastoral theology, and theology of spirituality
  3. literary studies, especially history and theory of literature and religious literature
  4. psychological and pedagogical sciences and those that support man with his current challenges that he constantly faces.

We devote to the scientists of various humanities and social disciplines from university centres in Poland and abroad the lines of the reviewed journal.

We invite you to publish scientific texts that are the result of research, as well as reports and reviews.

"Theological Studies Białystok Drohiczyn Łomża" are open to cooperation and want to build a thriving intellectual environment that will undertake multi-faceted reflection in the theological perspective.

The language for most scientific articles is Polish, but for greater openness we recommend publishing in congressional languages.

We encourage authors and readers to familiarise themselves with the website of our magazine.